Small Eng/Machines ~ Blizzard Bag #1

Blizzard Bag # 1

Small Engines & Basic Machines
Mr. Gagne

Your looking at this document it means that you are enjoying a day off from school provided by Mother Nature. Please enjoy your day, but be careful due to weather and conditions.

For your "Blizzard bag" assignment today I would like you to pick a small engine powered piece of equipment, either owned by you, your family, or a neighbor. This piece of equipment will be the basis for your assignment. This assignment will be collected and graded as a "Blizzard Bag" assignment the next day we meet for class.

Using a piece of paper, record the information, below, from the chosen piece of equipment. Then, using your home computer, perform the research outlined below and either print the information, to be handed in, or record the URL locations of the pertinent information so that I can access the information for myself.   

- Take the following information from of this piece of equipment: 

Model number:

Year of manufacture:

Type of equipment:

- Use the information above to do research (online) for the chosen piece of equipment. You will search for and locate the following for this piece of equipment:

-   An Owners/Operator's Manual

-   A parts breakdown for the piece of equipment, or a service manual for it.

-   A website that has parts available for this piece of equipment

-   A link to a forum discussion for this piece of equipment; either outlining an issue with the chosen       piece of equipment, or a fix for an issue that other consumers have had with it.

Thank you for your participation in this "Blizzard Bag" assignment. Have a safe day!
Mr. Gagne 

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