Electricity/Power ~ Blizzard Bag #1

Mr. Gagne's ~ Electricity/Power Distribution

Should you be reading this you are enjoying a day away from school provided by Mother Nature. Please complete your assignment and have an enjoyable and safe Winter day.


Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla were pivotal characters in American history who hold more than 1200 patents between them. Their ideas and inventions have shaped what we see as our everyday lives and made every day tasks much easier to accomplish.
For your assignment you will research an invention, either by Edison or Tesla, and you will compose a short essay (paragraph of +/- 200 words/1/2 typed or written page) which summarizes that invention. Please forward via email, or hand deliver to Mr. Gagne to be sure you receive credit for the class that was missed due to weather.

The following must be included on the essay Doc/sheet that is handed in:

  • Your name & the date in top right hand corner of sheet
  • Under name & date; title as Blizzard Bag #1
(see upper right corner, this sheet)
  • Name of invention
  • Patent number & date of issue
  • A description/summary of the invention and its function
  • Discuss whether the patented invention is still in use today and if it is, is it still used for its intended purpose or to perform its intended function.

Please document your sources and reference them (like this, in paragraph, is fine as long as I can find them, link if found online is OK too). Save an electronic copy of your essay and email to Mr. Gagne (rgagne@govwentworth.k12.nh.us). If you cannot do the essay on a computer you can hand write it legibly, on a single sheet of paper, and give it to Mr. Gagne the next time you are in his class, when we return to school, after the snow day.      

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